lundi 30 juillet 2018

WhatsApp rolls out group video and voice calling


WhatsApp is the most popular IP-based messaging app worldwide, but it still suffers from feature limitations. The company has steadily increased the app’s feature set in the last few months, adding the ability to switch from a voice call to a video call in the middle of a call, new group features including user search, the ability for group administrators to block users from sending messages in a group, and a Mute shortcut button for WhatsApp notifications in Android. The company has started labeling messages as forwarded. It’s also developing a “Mark as Read” shortcut button for notifications.

Now, WhatsApp is rolling out group voice and video calls. The company originally rolled out voice calling in 2015, and added video calling later. The company states that its users spend over 2 billion minutes on calls per day. Users ca now make a group call with up to four people. The procedure to do so is simple: Start a one-on-one voice or video call and tap the “Add Participant” button in the top right corner to add more contacts to the call.

WhatsApp states that group calls are always end-to-end encrypted. The company also claims to have designed calling to work reliably around the world in different network conditions. The group voice and video calling feature is now rolling out both in the Android and iPhone versions of the app.

Source: WhatsApp

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