jeudi 26 juillet 2018

Google Chrome for Android preps feature to recommend related articles

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Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on Android. In recent months, Google has taken full advantage of this by removing the ability for users to disable suggested articles. As a result, the Chrome new tab page now always shows suggested articles. In India, Indonesia, and 100 other countries, the web browser now saves pages offline automatically based on location. Suggested articles have shown up on the Google Feed, Google News, Chrome’s new tab page, and on Google search results. Now, Android Police has found that the suggested articles card in Google Search results has started showing up as “More like this.”

The “More like this” card is now showing for more people. Back in November, Google started showing a “People also view” sliding card for some users in Google Search results. That card later evolved into “View related pages,” and has now become “More like this.”

The way how the feature works is simple. Next to the address bar on Google Chrome for Android, users now have a new button when they read a article for which Google has indexed similar stories. They can tap on the button and the “More like this” sheet slides up from the bottom from various sources writing about the same/similar story. They can expand it to view all cards, tap on a particular card to open it, or tap and hold it to either open in a new tab, open in incognito tab, or download the article.

Android Police states that the button has started showing up in Chrome 70 for some users. According to other users, it also available in the latest Chrome Developer update. Users can also enable a series of experimental flags in Chrome that come under the heading of “Contextual Suggestions.” Android Police was able to enable the button by turning on the chrome://flags/#enable-contextual-suggestions-bottom-sheet and chrome://flags/#enable-contextual-suggestions-button at the same, but turning on the Slim Peek UI flag did not have any effect. On Chrome stable, the button experimental flag is missing for now, and the bottom sheet one doesn’t work on its own.

Via: Android Police

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