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Turning off/on lights via Google Home now only controls lights in the same room as the speaker

google home smart lights

Home automation doesn’t require smart speakers, just like smart speakers are useful for more than home automation. But the two make a great combination. It’s super handy to be able to control things around your house with your voice. One of the most basic functions is turning lights on and off. Google Home can, of course, do this, but now it works a little differently.

The Google Home app has a “Home control” section that allows you to import your smart home devices and assign them to rooms. This makes it possible to say “turn off bedroom lights” and it will know which smart lights are in the bedroom. Google Home devices can also be assigned to rooms, and now they will use that information to control the lights in that room.

Previously, if you said “Hey Google, turn off/on the lights,” it would turn off/on all of your lights. However, now, if you have lights in the same room as the speaker, it will only turn off the lights in that room. So if your Google Home is in the living room and you say “turn off/on lights” it will turn off/on all the lights in the living room. If the speaker is not in the same room as smart lights it will still turn off all the lights in the house.

Several users in the Google Home subreddit have confirmed this feature. I was also able to confirm it in my own testing. If you prefer the old action, you can say “turn off/on everything” or “turn off/on all the things.”

Google Home devices continue to get better and better. You can now create scheduled routines, support more calendars, and listen to multiple commands in a row. It’s a great device to add to any home.

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