mardi 24 juillet 2018

(The New & Improved) #PNWeekly Podcast Tackles the Hottest Android Topics Every Week at Pocketnow

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast is a weekly show over at Pocketnow, which you might have heard, is now a part of XDA. They’ve got a diverse group of hosts who bring their own personal stories and experiences to the podcast to give you a unique perspective on the Android world, and the podcast has recently been revamped with a new set of hosts, plus an improved format.

Watch the YouTube live broadcast from 3:00pm Eastern on July 20th or check out the high-quality audio version. Talk back live while you’re watching the show on Twitter with #PNWeekly! You can shoot your listener emails to for a shot at getting your question read aloud on the air at the end of the month!

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