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Scheduled routines now available for the Google Home

Google Home routines

Google announced Routines for Google Assistant way back in October of 2017. It took 6 months for the feature to finally roll out, but when it did, it was not fully operational. There were only a handful of preset routines that didn’t offer much customization. Eventually, Google opened them up a bit more and they work really well. Today, Google Home is getting another layer of requested functionality.

It is now possible to create “scheduled” routines with Google Assistant. Rather than launching a routine by saying the command, a scheduled routine will automatically run at the designated time and day. When you create a new routine, you will see options for “When…” This allows you to choose a time and day for the routine to run. It can be any time you want, and then you select the days you want the routine to repeat.

The scheduled routine also has the option for “Choose which speaker will start it.” This isn’t explained very well, but it’s the Google Home device that will run the routine. For example, if the routine includes music you would be selecting the speaker for it to play on. Lastly, you can choose to be notified on your phone when the scheduled routine runs.

Scheduled routines are an awesome feature for people who are deep into home automation and smart speakers. You can do cool things like automatically play a Spotify playlist every morning on your Google Home bedroom speaker. Some routines will still work better with the voice-activated commands, but it’s nice to have more options. Scheduled routines are rolling out now to the Google Home app.

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