mardi 12 juin 2018

Google Home can now understand up to three queries at a time

As Google races Amazon to make the smartest home virtual assistant on the market, the Google Home can now understand up to three queries at a time. This means that you can chain together up to three commands at a time, to be as efficient as possible and without having to wait for a response. Only in December of last year did Google upgrade the Google Assistant to take up to two queries at a time.

So what exactly does it mean to chain commands together? For example, you can say “Hey Google, set an alarm for 8 am, show the weather forecast for tomorrow, and play music on Spotify.” Rather than waiting in between each individual command, you can simply chain them together and they will be executed one after another, greatly reducing the time it will take to do certain tasks through the assistant.

The Google Assistant powered Google Home is smart, but it’s getting much smarter as time goes on. It can distinguish between voices or control smart home appliances, for example. In our testing, we still can’t chain together even two voice commands with the Google Assistant on a regular Android device, but hopefully, that changes soon as the Google Home is updated to support three. Google has released some pretty big updates for the Google Home in recent months, with an update arriving to give it Bluetooth speaker support and another to allow you to set location-based reminders for your phone from the Google Home. While it’s certainly a bit of a niche market to need three queries at a time, it can certainly be useful for some.

from xda-developers

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