mercredi 28 octobre 2015

XDA and LeaseWeb: Win Free VPS/Dedicated Server Trial and Huawei Watch


As you might recall, XDA relies on hosting infracturer from LeaseWeb to power our forums. We picked them as our hosting provider because they were able to provide a highly custom solution that meets our demanding needs. From the time your HTTP request hits our load balancer to when it’s handled by one of our PHP or application servers, the guts that power XDA’s sprawling forums is interesting study, and we’ve written about it previously.

You might recall that last year we did a contest with LeaseWeb to give away free hosting along with a grand prize, and this year we’re doing the same, except this time we will have 10 winners (instead of six) and the grand prize will be perhaps the most beautiful Android Wear watch ever made, the Huawei Watch with a black leather band. Classy pants!

Here’s how to enter the contest: fill out the below form, where you’ll specify your intended use of LeaseWeb’s server/cloud product whether it be to use as a build server for ROM development, database storage for an app you’re working on, or just to host a website. Be sure to specify whether you want to use their VPS, dedicated server, or bare metal server configurations. You can read more about their offerings at their website. The best answer (be creative!) will win the Huawei watch, while the other winners will get a 3-month trial of server resources as per their response. This contest is open to all countries!

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