mercredi 11 juillet 2018

How to Lock in 3TB of Secure Cloud Storage for Life with Zoolz

If you still rely on bulky, expensive, and unreliable hard drives to backup, store, and transfer your data, you’re missing out. Cloud storage services offer much more space and security, along with better transfer options.

But, not all cloud storage services are created equal. While most will let you offload your data to the cloud for convenience, few solutions can match Zoolz Cloud Storage in terms of security, accessibility, and reliable transfers, and a lifetime of 3TB of storage is available for over 95% off at $74.95.

Unlike most cloud services that slack on security or transfer speeds (or both), Zoolz encrypts every bit of your data and allows you to quickly and easily select the files you want to store with a Smart Selection tool.

You get 1.5TB of Instant Vault storage (for data you need regular access to) and 1.5TB of Cold Storage (for data that needs to be accessed less frequently) with no additional costs for life.

You’ll enjoy features like bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, and file retention, while thumbnail images make it easy to quickly retrieve specific files without having to wade through giant databases.

You can see what Zoolz Cloud Storage can do for your data needs by signing up for a lifetime of 3TB of Zoolz Cloud Storage for $74.95—95% off its usual price.

from xda-developers

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