samedi 8 juillet 2017

‘Hide X’ Substratum Theme Hides the Disabled Data and Roaming Icon in the Status Bar

The Substratum theming engine has only been around for a little over a year at this point, but its popularity has exploded since its introduction and, thanks to the hard work of awesome developers, we now have access to hundreds of incredibly cool modifications. There are plenty of themes out there that can completely change the entire look of your Android device while others exist only to make a small tweak here or there.

Hide X is the latter of those two types of Substratum themes, as it serves only a single purpose: hiding the “X” icon that appears when your mobile data is disabled and the “R” icon that is displayed when your device is roaming.

This isn’t the most drastic change ever, but it is a nice way to clean up the look of your status bar if you want to keep it looking as clean as possible.

In order to use Hide X on your handset, you’ll need to be running Android 7.0 or later, have support for Substratum and OMS, and (of course) be rooted. Simply download and install the mod from XDA Labs via the link below, open the Substratum app, select “Hide X”, and then install the overlay. Also check out the accompanied forum thread for support and more details.

Download the ‘Hide X’ Substratum Mod From XDA Labs

from xda-developers