mardi 11 juillet 2017

Get the Xperia Lockscreen Clock on Your Handset with This Substratum Theme

Although stock Android is typically favorable over custom skins and interfaces that OEMs layer atop of the operating system, there are sometimes a few good aspects about each custom interface that we wish would find their way to stock Android. Sony’s custom take on Android for Xperia devices may look a bit dated in some aspects, but one area that actually looks quite good is the lockscreen.

The lockscreen for Xperia smartphones has always been very aesthetically pleasing, and thanks to a new Substratum theme, you can now get an Xperia-styled lockscreen on any Android device that’s rooted and has support for the Substratum theme engine baked into it.

XDA Senior Member Chetan Lodha shared the theme on the XDA Forums over the weekend, and the theme supports many custom AOSP-based ROMs that are popular on our forums (with more to come).

Simply download the theme, apply the font once you apply the main lockscreen theme, and that’s it!

Get the Xperia Lockscreen Clock Substratum Theme

from xda-developers