lundi 10 juillet 2017

Custom Kernels for the Honor 8 and Honor 8 Pro Are Now Available

The Honor 8 was one of the best choices for a high-end, budget flagship last year, and the Honor 8 Pro is its recently released successor that brings a fresh design, amped up specs, and a bit more. Honor’s EMUI interface has gotten quite a bit better over the years, but it still leaves that great desire to root and mod every nook and cranny for the phones it runs on.

This is no different with the Honor 8 and 8 Pro, so we’re pleased to announce that XDA Senior Member joe2k01 has created the first custom kernel for both smartphones on XDA.

The name of the mod is WhitePugKernel, and although there’s a bit more to play around with on the Honor 8, the kernel for the 8 Pro still brings a lot of great features, including a darkness governor, NRF writing and filesystem support, a zen, sio, and fiops I/O scheduler, faster wakeup for the fingerprint scanner, and plenty more.

The download for WhitePugKernel for the Honor 8 and Honor 8 Pro can be found below with their respective links.

WhitePugKernel for the Honor 8 WhitePugKernel for the Honor 8 Pro

from xda-developers