mercredi 8 juin 2016

OxygenOS Open-Sourced Ahead of OnePlus 3 Launch

It seems OnePlus has learned from the mistakes they did with the OnePlus 2. Instead of hyping up the device and delivering a decent product that then appears underwhelming due to said over-hype, OnePlus is going full circle.

The plan with the OnePlus 3, we assume, is to deliver first and talk later.

Afterall, how else would you justify the fact that OnePlus just open-sourced its Android fork, OxygenOS?

You read that right. OxygenOS, the custom skin of Android that ships on OnePlus devices, is now open source. This means that you can download the source code for this fork and make your own fork off it, bringing in your own modifications and fixing things that OnePlus could not fix. If the fixes work, you can send in a pull request and OnePlus may choose to incorporate it back into the base fork. Or you could build up on features on the base OS and create your own custom ROM.

From a developer point of view, this is certainly a big step forward for OnePlus and OnePlus devices. OnePlus devices in general are known to be developer-friendly to the extent that these can be easily rooted and rom’ed up if you so choose. Now, with the factory OS being open-sourced, you have a lot more freedom than what you already had in the first place (which was still much more than what you could expect from a lot of popular, flagship-level phones).

To end this fantastic news, this is certainly one of those things that OnePlus has done right. Development has been one of the best positive points about the OnePlus One, and is an area where the next few devices could not catch up. With the release of OS source code, the whole developer scene receives a huge boost, and also brings focus onto what the OnePlus 3 could achieve with the help of the developer community. We certainly look forward to the launch of the OnePlus 3, all the more because of this move.

Instructions for downloading the OxygenOS source can be found here.

What are your thoughts on this move by OnePlus? Let us know in the comments below!

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